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Genuine Bobcat Product


Carbide-tipped bits are mounted on a planers revolving drum to cut and pulverize pavement material or on wheel saws to cut through asphalt, concrete, frozen ground and wire mesh.

This long nose bit is for use in all types of asphalt. Standard on 14 to 24-inch planers.

Full sleeve retainer for entire block bore protection. Flange at the base to protect the bit holder. Sharper point for greater performance.

Length: 3.64 inches

Compatible with the following Bobcat machines:

Planers and Wheel Saws

Due to engineering standards, some parts are updated or changed and are assigned a new part number. Previous part number was 6672259 and 7257786. This part is the direct replacement.

Check the Bobcat Online Parts Catalog to ensure the correct part for your equipment. Contact Bobcat of Houston for correct part fitment.