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Genuine Bobcat Product


When a 90 degree elbow in the hydraulic circuit is needed, like when connecting attachments, the design of this Female Flat Face Hydraulic Coupler allows for easy mounting without the need for additional fittings. All couplers are identified with stamped supplier part numbers that contain FFI, FI or FFH, FH. FFI/FI and FFH/FH couplers are interchangeable.

  • 1/2" Body; 9/16" UNF thread
  • Connect under pressure
  • Designed to fit with flat faced couplers 90 degree elbow
  • Easily wiped clean
  • Minimal inclusion of air and contaminants during connection
  • Design prevents fluid loss during connection
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Carbon steel with zinc nickel plating
  • Nitrile seals Exceeds ISO 16028 specifications.
  • Tested for 1200 hours in a salt spray chamber with no signs of rust
  • Manufacturers Stamp: 3FFH08-61/38SFS

Due to engineering standards, some parts are updated or changed and are assigned a new part number. Previous part number was 7167305. This part is the direct replacement.

Check the Bobcat Online Parts Catalog to ensure the correct part for your equipment. Contact Bobcat of Houston for correct part fitment.